Ultraseal Slough seal the sump for iconic 1962 E-Type lightweight low drag Coupé

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Ultraseal Slough seal the sump for iconic 1962 E-Type lightweight low drag Coupé

Classic car racer, Paul Castaldini races two stunning 1962 lightweight low drag E-Type coupés in the Jaguar Classic Challenges series.

A series which sees pre-1966 Jaguar cars compete in a race calendar which commences at the Donington Historic Festival in May before races at Silverstone and Oulton Park, with the series concluding at Spa-Francorchamps for the Classic Six Hour meeting in September.

With a testing race series ahead, Paul continually works across the two E-Types to keep them well maintained and race-ready.

As part of the ongoing maintenance schedule Paul’s number 15 lightweight low drag E-Type’s sump required sealing to stop any potential leaks occurring through porosity in the part.

Having already sealed one sump for the Castaldini team’s other E-Type, Paul knew that Ultraseal Slough had the reliable vacuum impregnation service he needed to get the sump sealed, leak-free and ready to race.

A cast part, sumps, just like other automotive castings such as engine blocks and cylinder heads, are liable to suffer from porosity.

Usually invisible to the naked eye, casting porosity is a result of the die-cast process as the metal cools and forms to solid from a liquid state, typically due to shrinkage or gas trapped within the molten metal.




Sealing the sump

The vacuum impregnation process at Ultraseal Slough sees classic car parts, like the E-Type’s sump, carefully handled through a process of air being removed from the part via a vacuum before being submerged into Ultraseal’s sealant.

The sealant fills porous leak paths before any excess is hand washed off the part. The sealant is then cured through a heat cycle to provide a permanent seal within any porosity that existed in the part. Only porous voids are filled and so no change is made to the part dimensions.

The result post impregnation is a leak-free part with any porosity permanently sealed.




Paul Castaldini:

“At Classic Car Racing we look for affordable, effective solutions when it comes to sealing 60 year old aluminum castings such as sumps and cylinder heads. Ultraseal delivers the right solution every time that meets all our criteria with a rapid turnaround.”

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