Ultraseal Slough seal Caterham Seven R500 cylinder head for Boss Racing

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Ultraseal Slough seal Caterham Seven R500 cylinder head for Boss Racing

Caterham specialist, Boss Racing, were working on a new addition to their stable of race-ready Caterhams with a new Seven R500.

Known for their development of race-winning engines, Boss Racing were looking to maximise the performance of an R500 with plans to tune the 1800 k-series engine up to 2.0-litre displacement 260 BHP 9,000RPM spec.

A core part of the engine build process for Boss Racing was to ensure that performance was also matched with reliability. The engineers at Boss Racing knew that sealing the cylinder head using the impregnation process would help guarantee both performance and reliability after work to greatly increase the power output.

Having worked with Ultraseal Slough for some time to seal engine blocks, cylinder heads, sumps and other parts for other projects, the team at Boss Racing knew where to send the cylinder head to be sealed.

Once at Ultraseal Slough the part was ran through the company’s vacuum impregnation system by Colin Pinkney, an operator with more than 20 years’ experience in sealing cast iron, aluminium and carbon fibre parts for everything from 1930s Rolls-Royces to 2018 season F1 components.

Sealed using Ultraseal sealant, a resin that’s used worldwide by automotive manufacturers to provide a permanent seal against porosity, the cylinder head was then hand-washed by Colin to ensure no excess resin remained in the part.

In fact, Ultraseal vacuum impregnation technology and sealant would have originally sealed the part back when the cylinder head was brand new and passing through the factory at Rover. Rover ran their blocks, cylinder heads and other k-series parts through two Ultraseal impregnation process lines at their Longbridge facility between 1988 and 2005.

Boss Racing have since taken delivery of the sealed cylinder head and it’s now sitting atop the 260 BHP 2.0-litre engine that’s propelling the R500 from 0-60 in 3.0 seconds and a top speed of 155 mph round Silverstone, Snetterton and many other UK race tracks.

When we look to maximise the performance out of any engine we know that sealing parts like cylinder heads is essential. With Ultraseal’s vacuum impregnation service we know we have a reliable, sealed part

The R500 is available for track day hire for anyone who is keen to experience the outstanding performance of the car, Boss Racing also offer servicing and race car setup services, find out more here.

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