3D Printed Parts Sealing

Vacuum impregnation sealing and pressure testing services

3D Printed / additive manufactured parts, particularly those manufactured using laser sintering, are typically porous.

Our vacuum impregnation service fills porous voids in 3D printed materials to seal porosity. From concept to production, many 3D printed parts need a uniform surface, free of any porosity, to effectively fulfil the application they’ve been developed for.

Whether it’s a concept for wind testing, or a production piece that needs to be water tight, porosity sealing is necessary.

As standard:

  • Permanent seal against porosity
  • All sealed parts are issued with an Ultraseal certificate
  • All 3D printed parts are handled with care and hand-washed by skilled, experienced operators
  • All parts are sealed using Ultraseal’s proven, best-in-class porosity sealant


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