Conversion Coatings

Chromate Conversion and Shot Blasting

Chromate Conversion

Our conversion coatings service is used to slow the effects of corrosion on aluminium their alloys. We also apply conversion coatings to form an ideal substrate for paints and powder coating; providing a clean, essentially inert surface which exhibits excellent adhesion properties.

Conversion coatings form a film which, by chemical reaction, converts the metal surface. Most organic coatings applied directly to aluminium surfaces will not adhere well and, if subjected to any deformation, will tend to flake off and expose the bare aluminium. Scratching off the paint surface also provides a nucleation site for aluminium corrosion, leading to further undercutting of the coating. A pre-treatment is therefore required which can be applied to aluminium to provide a suitable basis for subsequent coatings. Chromate conversion coatings have been developed which can be used on aluminium alloys and which are compatible with most paint systems.

Key Properties of Alocrom 1200

  • Offers good electrical conductivity with excellent corrosion resistance, providing an ideal base for powder coating and paint.
  • A rapid, non-electrolytic, chromate conversion treatment.
  • Excellent corrosion protection with or without paint.
  • Excellent paint or powder coating adhesion allowing metal deformation after painting.
  • The coating has a low electrical resistance (less than 5k micro-ohms/square inch).

Alocrom 407 / 47

  • Excellent base for paint, but can also be left uncoated
  • A rapid, non-electrolytic conversion process.
  • Excellent for paint, powder and plastic adhesion.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance.
  • When properly dried, the conversion is RoHS compliant (IEC 111/24/CD).
  • Approved within the Medical industry

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Shot Blasting

We are equipped to shot blast using a variety of media including; chilled iron, aluminium oxide and glass bead. These are specified to offer a wide range of surface conditions which optimise the performance of the finished deposit. For larger components and assemblies, it can offer substantial speed and cost savings over other conventional cleaning methods.

Shot blasting is used to prime and clean surfaces, removing rust, scale or old coatings to expose clean bare metal ready for subsequent treatment. It also provides an effective method of preparing a surface with a roughened profile which promotes the adhesion of the specialist coatings we offer.

Ultraseal Slough adopt shot blasting as a key element within the refurbishment market. By removing failing coatings from parts which have been in service and recoating accordingly we save our customers significant time and cost when compared to producing a new component.

Key Properties of shot blasting

  • Surface Cleaning – De-rusting / De-Scale
  • Surface Preparation – Prior to Coating
  • Component reclamation

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